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"Ora et Labora" (Prayer & Work)

What is the Ora et Labora Guild?

Ora et Labora (Prayer and Work) is a Benedictine concept of balance that stresses the importance of both aspects in one's life. St. Benedict viewed prayer and work as partners, and believed in combining contemplation with action. This newly-formed Guild at Good Shepherd is composed of a group of Good Shepherd Church parishioners who are available for executing projects within and outside the parish community. These are projects that may require either unskilled or varying degrees of skilled labor around the client’s homes or property.

These work projects may range from raking leaves and disposing of rubbish, to minor carpentry, plumbing, and electrical needs. Priority for taking on projects will be given to clients within the parish family first. Work projects Identified, outside the church community, but within the York Community and beyond may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Ora et Labora Guild or members of the Guild may also be called upon to assist the Rector and Junior Warden with work projects around the GS building facilities and grounds.


Who are the Guild Members?

The Ora et Labora Guild members are individuals in The Church of Guild Shepherd who generally have skills and experience in multiple aspects of home maintenance and repair. They None of the members are licensed contractors or insured contractors. Some members have years of experience in home construction and maintenance, sufficient trouble shooting knowledge to investigate, make recommendations and complete the necessary repairs or maintenance, if they determine the task is within their scope of capabilities.

Property maintenance issues, such as lawn raking, brush clearing and landscaping maintenance, on a one-time basis, are within the scope of the ORA et Labora Guild. Some of these projects may require experienced tool operation such as a chain saw to remove trees or tree limbs.

The Ora et Labora Guild is not intended to execute recurring tasks, such as lawn mowing and maintenance, etc.

Clients desiring assistance from the Ora et Labora Guild should contact the Church of Good Shepherd Parish Office (803-684-4021) or one of the Guild Co-Chairpersons, John (585-227-2645) and Jean Comins (607-341-0083)


Client Responsibilities

Parishioner Clients or Clients in the York Community desiring assistance of the Ora et Labora Guild must take reasonable steps to facilitate their requests and prevent misunderstandings. The following items will help you submit you needed request:

  • You need to submit a project request to the Ora et Labora Guild through the office of the Church of Good Shepherd for projects of a larger scope in nature or if you are outside the Church of Good Shepherd Parish Family. Very minor projects within the Church Family may or may not require submission of a request form

  • Understand and clearly outline what work you are desiring the Guild workers to perform, before any work starts

  • Understand that you are required to pay for any and all materials (including rentals, specialty tools and more) necessary to complete your job

  • Ensure you inform the Guild Members if you are unable to purchase, pick up or arrange for delivery on any materials to the job site.

  • Ensure you are be available at time of appointments, especially for interior work tasks. You must notify the Guild Chairman at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time, if you need to cancel an appointment. Exterior work does not necessarily require your presence except to pay for materials.


Financial Obligations

Ora et Labora Guild members provide their services free of charge to the clients, however, the Clients are required to pay for any and all materials necessary from completion of the task. The Church of Good Shepherd does not have the financial resources to cover material costs for the Guild's services.

The Guild members will purchase and pick up any materials for clients who are unable to pick up the materials required to complete the work requested. However, material costs must be reimbursed to the Guild members upon delivery of the materials or by the end of the work day or work period. In addition to normal repair or replacement items, carpentry or plumbing supplies, material expenses may include: trash disposal cost (including leasing of dumpsters), delivery of bulk materials, purchase of specialty tools, tool rentals, etc.

Clients, without the financial resources to cover the cost of materials, must inform the Good Shepherd Church Office, Guild co-chairperson or members when initial contact is made and the work request form is prepared and submitted. The Ora et Labora Guild may be able to provide a rough estimates of project costs if needed. The final project cost is completely dependent on actual cost of materials at the time of execution of the project.

If a client’s financial resources are limited, the Church of Good Shepherd or Ora et Labora Guild members may be able to assist in determining if funding can be acquired from other sources. Keep in mind that such sources are also limited.


Is there a Limit for Services?

The Ora et Labora Guild will evaluate all work requests submitted to determine if the task requested is within the scope of their mission. Ordinarily, Ora et Labora Guild assistance will be provided tasks of short duration and limited scope.

The Ora et Labora Guild will not endeavor to initiate or undertake major repairs or renovations. Guild members may counsel prospective clients on how the Client might proceed to have their task completed. The Guild may provide names of prospective or potential contractors or make other recommendations as necessary to help the client complete their project. It will be the Clients responsibility to contact any contractors required and enter into any contract. The Guild members may assist in reviewing any contractor bids and recommendations, including any safety issues that may be involved.


Warranty or Liability:

The Ora et Labora Guild performs their services based on their "best" skill and experience levels. Workmanship is not warranted, but the Guild members will make every effort to ensure the task is completed satisfactorily and not require follow-up or further corrective action. Damages or other issues not related to the completion or the result of the Guild activity will not be the responsibility of the Guild.

The Ora et Labora Guild workers will accept personal liability for any injuries encountered during the execution of their labor.

Ora et Labora Request Form
Download PDF • 85KB

Ora et Labora Handbook
Download PDF • 194KB

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