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Habitat for Humanity

“Seeking to put God’s love into action” (Part of the Habitat for Humanity Worldwide mission statement). By “Lending a hand up, not out”, HFH is fulfilling their mission statement. Early Spring 2022, HFH of York County will commence building two (2) homes on Pinckney Street in York. Always grateful for volunteers, this provides an excellent opportunity for the residents of the City of York to come together building two (2) new homes, expanding their community and providing hope for the ‘new” residents their neighborhood community.

Ever thought of volunteering with HFH, but did not want to travel to Rock Hill or elsewhere? Now is the time! No experience is necessary and nearly all age groups are welcome. Types of work vary from framing (heavy construction) to siding and exterior finishing (medium construction) to painting, landscaping, and finally cleaning. Think you can’t frame or side a house? The Construction Team Leads (CTLs) will teach, guide and direct you through the process. Volunteers who have never pounded nails help build frames for over five houses in 2019. Lots of labor intensive and hard work, but, at the same time, extremely rewarding. Throughout the builds, we also have a need for volunteers to sweep, pick up debris, move supplies and more. This less skilled work speeds up the builds by freeing up the CTLs to concentrate on the build steps that require skilled labor.

From the time the foundation is completed until the house dedication is held, work schedules vary depending on weather, supply deliveries, subcontractors and inspections. Every Monday or Tuesday, a work week schedule is sent out by the Construction Manager (Steve Benesole) detailing the work planned for the Wednesday through Friday work days. A work day is occasionally scheduled for Saturdays to accommodate volunteer church and corporate groups or as a buffer to meet a schedule deadline.

From the start of the build and to the Dedication (turn-over of the home), the prospective homeowner and other HFH clients are frequently on site assisting in building the homes. Every client is required to put in a minimum 250 hours of sweat equity either on site or at the HFH Re-Store locations. This provides a great opportunity to meet and talk with the “new” residents. Upon completion of framing, a “House Blessing” ceremony is held and everyone is invited to leave a spiritual or uplifting message in the interior siding or framing

Are you convinced to help spread God’s Love? Volunteering is easy. Simply send an email to and indicate your desire to volunteer. You need to complete some paperwork, but you are in no way committed. The time you give is up to you. If you specifically want to work on the Pinckney Street homes, you should indicate that in you email. HFH will prepare a special email list which will be used to communicate the York work schedule so you can use to choose the times you wish to volunteer.

My wife Jean and I, have been volunteering for a number of years. I am one of several CTL’s who build the houses and support/direct the volunteers when we have them on site. Jean is the Cleaning CTL who ensures the final house cleaning and turnover are immaculate. She also provides some household items (bathroom and kitchen towel sets, door mats, and other household products) to the homeowner at the dedication. We are absolutely committed and dedicated to this mission in our lives. We have been blessed by the Lord’s Hand in our lives and we want to share the Love with others.

Come join us at HFH and feel to love of all the volunteers.

John Comins

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