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Welcomed with Grace

It felt like home from the first day. The architecture and something unfamiliar from our past worship services drew us in, but the acceptance and grace kept us coming back.

The first Sunday my wife and I visited, we were two lost Presbyterians navigating the uncharted waters of the liturgy, kneeling, standing and real wine. Another parishioner sensed our displacement and guided us through each step of the way.

Much like the Good Shepherd, our church, rector and parishioners provide love and light in what can be a very dark world. Our congregation is diverse. We welcome all ages, races and folks from all walks of life. Our congregation is traditional. We uphold the liturgical traditions passed down for thousands of years. We're welcoming. Whether you are a cradle Episcopalian or haven't yet formed a relationship with The Lord, The Good Shepherd York will welcome you with open arms.

Forming a strong foundation in Christ is important to my family. The Good Shepherd York has provided the vehicle for this foundation, including one of our best memories inside the lavender walls, the baptism of our daughter.

My family and I look forward to many more memorable times as members of this church.

Jordan Gable

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