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Warm Hugs & God's Love

The memory of my first day at Good Shepherd is still very vivid.

The week before Easter in 2013, I was sitting at the breakfast table with my wife Phyllis. She blurted out, “We should go to the Easter service”! My immediate response was “Yes”. We had been married in the Episcopal Church in New Jersey, but had not attended for over a decade. It felt good to be going back.

As we entered Good Shepherd we were greeted by Nancy Landstreet. She gave us both big warm welcoming hugs. As Madre Clarisse gave the sermon, something came over me. I knew I was in the right place. At the conclusion of the service we were leaving for coffee hour, Madre Clarisse gave us each a big hug. I felt the spirit of Christ envelop me. At coffee hour Nancy introduced us to everyone. I remember one couple in particular, Renae and Ike Waters, taking us under their wing. Since that first day I have been a happy and faithful member of Good Shepherd.

I feel blessed and give thanks for the warm hugs and God’s love that brought me to the Good Shepherd.

Jim Knubel

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