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October 2021

Dear People of Good Shepherd,

The words of the final hymn from the Celebration of Renewal of Ministry and Welcoming of a New Rector resounded within me for days afterwards, "Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, give thanks and sing"

These photos, courtesy of the marvelous John Duda, capture the beauty and joy of the evening. They cannot fully document, however, the extensive efforts that made it all that it was. I rejoice and give thanks for the bulletin assemblers, the ushers and greeters, the lectors and presenters, the reception organizer (thank you, Jeanne!) and her crew of volunteers, the choir (glorious!), the Altar Guild, our talented staff Barbara and Hazel, my clergy colleagues and all whose prayers have upheld me in the past year. Our campus hummed with activity and with the Holy Spirit.

The following gracious words from the Senior Warden put the evening in context and adds to the list of those for whom I am grateful, the Wardens and Vestry, members of the Transition and Search Committees, and Fr. Bill:


“The service this Wednesday is the culmination of an effort that started in January 2019. I remain grateful to Father Bill for his wisdom in realizing the need for establishing a Transition Committee to be in discernment on the direction and future needs of The Good Shepherd.

The Search Committee began its work in February 2020 with the charge to find the next Rector for The Good Shepherd. They worked through the challenges of COVID and after prayerful deliberations unanimously recommended Amanda to be our next Rector. Their recommendation was collectively endorsed by the Vestry.

The Robertsons became part of The Good Shepherd family in October 2020. During the past year, we all have been blessed and enriched by Amanda’s love for us and we give thanks for her leadership.

The Renewal of Ministry Service on Wednesday is a significant event in the life of The Good Shepherd. I feel that it is a time to reflect and celebrate our rich history, give thanks for our blessings and look forward to the future. It is indeed a wonderful time for The Good Shepherd family. I am thankful for everyone’s prayers, commitment and participation in this journey.

Grace and peace,

John Love”


It was a significant event and I, for one, continue to rejoice, give thanks and sing!

with joy,


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