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March 2021

Vol. 11, Issue 3

Dear People of Good Shepherd,

“The habit of discernment is an attitude of listening to God in all of life. It is a life of prayerful attention to God; seeking to live in our holy Center, our home in God.” Rose Mary Doughtery, Discernment: A Path to Spiritual Awakening.

The word “abide” is used throughout Scripture: to abide in God and God’s commandments; to abide in Christ’s love. Abide means to make a home.

Lent is often portrayed as a journey through the wilderness. Our humble and penitent movement forward toward the suffering of Jesus and the promise of the empty tomb.

Perhaps Lent is also an invitation to abide in the wilderness, to trust that God is present even there and is moving toward us in love.

Each day, independent of our own effort or our worthiness, Easter comes closer. The kingdom of God is near.

As a parish we have had conversations about Pastoral Care, Spiritual Formation/Education, Community Engagement and Outreach, Social Justice and Advocacy. The Vestry has discussed the vision and mission and some specific goals for Good Shepherd in 2021.

This work begins with attentive, prayerful listening as we center ourselves in God’s call to us. It is a call to return to God, to dwell with God. But like the story of the Prodigal Son, the Father runs to meet us.

Our Lenten journey and abiding continues. Our discernment continues. Easter is coming.

With joy,




Question: What is the candle hanging from the wall in the Chancel?

That candle is called a Sanctuary Light and it indicates the presence of the consecrated Body and Blood of Christ.

You probably haven’t noticed, but the candle is changed out each week by the members of the Altar Guild so that the light never goes out. The only time that the light is put out is on Maundy Thursday in remembrance of Christ’s death on Calvary.

Do you have any questions that can be answered in this area of Newsletter trivia?


Looking Forward

In February the light is lower and the season darker as we enter Lent with Ash Wednesday coming on February 17th.

In March we end Lent with Palm Sunday March 28th and Holy Week begins the last week of March.

In April Easter brings us new hope, new joy, and new life on April 4th.

We pray 2021 bring us all the positive changes we seek in our world and in or lives.

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