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Warm & Caring

The first time I visited the Church of the Good Shepherd was during the weekend of my 40th high school reunion in June, 2012. Because our classmates selected Good Shepherd for our Sunday worship together, it allowed me to reintroduce myself to a classmate I hadn’t seen in 40 years, Mary McCorkle.

Little did I know the impact that seeing Mary and visiting The Good Shepherd would have on me for the years to come.

This initial visit was the start of a wonderful journey with my new church family. The people of the Good Shepherd are warm and caring and this feeling has been nurtured and continues to grow. I often tell people that The Good Shepherd is the most welcoming church I have attended. I am grateful for the friendships that I have made. I am truly blessed and comforted by the love and support shown by my Good Shepherd family. Grace and peace,

John Love

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