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Good Shepherd Preservation Society Offerings

We have once more cranked up production offering old favorites along with some new items:

Greater Tater casserole with broccoli, ham, mushrooms and cheese, $16 Baked Ziti with marinara sauce, Italian sausage and cheese, $16

Ham, pea and pasta casserole, $16

Shrimp Fried Rice, $16

Chicken Enchiladas, $16

We also offer:

Pumpkin Chili 1 qt. (a best seller from Fit Fresh), $12 Spicy Beef Chili 1 qt., $12

Pulled Pork 1 Lb., $10

We still have some of our regular jams and pickle items:

Pickled okra $6; Chow chow $6; Dilly beans $6;

Orange Marmalade $5; Strawberry jam $5; Peach Jam $5.

Hot Pepper Jelly $5 (Habanero HOT/Jalapeno Medium to mild)

Our system is as before, on the honor system. Get your items and leave money in the wooden box. If you have questions call Jeanne or Libby. Pass the word to your family and

friends. Thanks and enjoy! PLEASE MAKE SURE THE FREEZER DOOR IS TIGHTLY SHUT! Thanks and enjoy!!!

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