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My husband and I came to Rock Hill in March 2017 and I told John that I needed to find an Episcopal Church that I can belong to. We looked at Our Saviour in Rock Hill. We drove by and I told John “It’s too big, we need a smaller church. One that's more like Trinity Church in Rochester, N.Y.”

Well, we drove to York and saw The Church of the Good Shepherd so we stopped in. Barbara was kind enough to let us in and we spoke to her for quite some time and she volunteered to show us inside the Church. I immediately thought that the church looked sooo much like the church I grew up in. I said to John and Barbara that I had found my church. She said welcome, we are a very friendly church.

The next week we came to the church and a few folks were saying "Hi". The following week was Easter Sunday and the procession began in the courtyard, we followed. Behind us a woman whispered "You're new here. Welcome! My name is Nancy. Stay and join us for Coffee Hour.”

That was the beginning of finding a wonderful church family. From there, we were welcomed and we've been very blessed to make so many connections and networks: from golf for John; bowling; the lunch bunch and Bunco for me. We feel so blessed to have found this Church.

Thank you to

Barbara and Father Bill!! And a special thank you to all the great friends we've made at the Church of the Good Shepherd.

Jean Comins

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